Futuristic Farmer-led Irrigation:Technologies of Automated & Pressurized Piped Networks

Futuristic Farmer-led Irrigation:Technologies of Automated & Pressurized Piped Networks

Water is central to national, social, and economic development and is the key driver to food security, societal health, environmental protection and productivity of the human race. Global analyst reports portray that agriculture accounts for about 70 percent of water withdrawals globally.

The expanding population will require almost doubling of the food production in India, and the challenge for Indian agriculture would be to produce more in a sustainable manner including minimizing the water usage.


In this context, conserving and using water efficiently using effective and environment-friendly technology for efficient water transfer and micro irrigation systems have emerged as key technological interventions for conserving water and enhancing crop productivity. Studies show that typical irrigation efficiency ranges from 15-25%, implying that the systemic losses of irrigation water could go beyond 60%. This implies that the benefit of capital cost incurred on the conventional open channel irrigation system is very low. Precision irrigation through pressurized piped networks is one of the solutions for sustainability and higher efficiency.

Automated pressurized piped irrigation networks are a contemporary technique for water conveyance and distribution that helps minimize water losses in the conveyance network while promoting equitable water distribution for irrigation. This system facilitates guaranteed irrigation to meet the crop water requirements and can be integrated with advanced micro irrigation techniques. The system can be leveraged for accurate assessment and recovery and would protect farmer investments. Automated pressurized piped irrigation systems would help double farm income by doubling irrigable land from the available water. Pressurized piped irrigation would help farmers receive quantum of water as per the irrigation needed to the crop sown. The need for tenuous land acquisition proceedings is minimized; with significant reduction in the cost of piped networks as compared to the open channel water distribution network. The adoption of this technology would help in the realization of the objectives of the Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana (PMKSY) including Accelerated Irrigation Benefit Programme (AIBP), Har Khet Ko Paani, Watershed Development and More Crop Per Drop.

Workshop on “Futuristic Farmer-led Irrigation: Technologies of Automated Pressurized Piped Networks” is being organized concurrently with ITC 2018 and features sessions that facilitate deep dives into conventional issues of water management and the available technological advancement in the area of bulk water supply with pressurized piped networks automatically and discusses strategy-focused topics to help attendees better understand the depth and breadth of contemporary digital technologies.

Expected Participation:

  • We expect about 500 delegates to participate
  • Target Audience- Delegates from government agencies, policy makes, industry leaders, Farmer associations, FPOs, FPCs, project consultants, contractors, banking sector etc.
  • Exhibitors- About 20 booths will be available to showcase latest technology in water sector.


  • Bringing all stakeholders from water domain to discuss on possibilities on irrigation.
  • Well-structured programs designed by experienced professionals for enhancing knowledge on latest tech in water domain.
  • Impressive cross-sectional participation. From industry leaders, government agencies, researchers, investors, consultants, academicians, policy makes and other stakeholders.
  • An opportunity to showcase emerging smart water tech to the delegates of the water communities.

Opportunities to participate

  • Networking
  • Patronage
  • Exhibition
  • Round Tables
  • Knowledge Exchange