Industry 4.0: Productivity and Innovation in Manufacturing

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Improving productivity is the only sure way of increasing the size of the 'cake' we all want to share. Yet, though governments -and organisations - have begun to talk about productivity and productivity improvement, we seem to see little progress 'on the ground'. This event sets the agenda for the future of productivity development - for all key stakeholders.

This is designed to be an interactive discussion and we invite you to join us and participate in the discussions so that we get a full set of views on these important topics, helping build further trade, greater organizational capacity and long-term sustainable productivity growth.

The first theme investigates the concept of productivity and innovation as they relate to issues of quality and customer service by introduction of 'top-line productivity’, to reflect the need to prioritise the top line of the productivity ratio (by adding more value rather than the bottom line (by reducing resource inputs). The second theme demonstrates that business performance and top-line productivity, in particular can be measured- an important component of effective management. The third theme looks at productivity improvement from the 'supply side' - infrastructure development, potential clusters for productivity, together with specific productivity improvement approaches. The fourth theme discusses trade, focusing on sustainable approaches to trade development. Finally, the fifth theme introduces the concept of top-line productivity improvement programmes, through which productivity improvement can be addressed on a continual basis throughout an entire organisation, as well as regionally and nationally.

The Indian Technology Congress is aimed at the wide audience. This moves from a conceptual framework to detailed action plans. This is aimed at businesses and organisations who want to explore the nature of productivity and innovation to relate productivity improvements and alternative business strategies. Each theme finishes with a set of keynote speakers to emphasize the main discussions of the theme and provide a feedback. The event is also suitable for, and appropriate to, practitioners and others who want to improve productivity within their own organisation.

Indian Institution of Production Engineers (IIPE) offers you the chance to be part of the manufacturing ecosystem business. Whether you are a leading businessman, industrialist, research-scholar, decision maker, administrator or a productivity practitioner will give you a unique perspective, real responsibility and valuable experience.

The IIPE projects will be to develop the business change makers, change-makers knowledge along with soft skills before introducing productivity and innovation in development of world class business performance in manufacturing. This programme aimed to develop the ability to critically reflect in the workplace as well as their innovation processes and practices, and also include good practice visits to highly productive businesses and exchange visits.

Focused Areas

  • Productivity and Innovation Strategies for Manufacturing Operations
  • Measuring and Improving Manufacturing Business Performance
  • Available Strategies, Approaches and Methodologies - the required partnership between government and business.
  • Trade Capacity Development Delivering Profitability and Driving Economic Performance
  • Top line Productivity Improvement Programmes

Who should Attend?

  • Government Officials
  • Policy Makers
  • Industrialists
  • Research-Scholars
  • Decision Makers
  • Administrators
  • Productivity Practitioners
  • Academia Professionals

Core Team

  • Mr. G. Ramanand

    South Zone
    World Confederation of Productivity Science

  • Mr. OP Khanna

    Chairman, Manipal Heart Foundation and
    Former CMD
    Ashok Leyland

  • Dr. Wooday P. Krishna

    National President, IIPE and
    Hony. General Secretary
    Seshadripuram Group of Educational Institutions

  • Dr. K. Gopalkrishnan

    General-Secretary, IIPE and
    Dean, R&D, New Horizon College of Engineering

  • Mr. T. Sudhakar Pai

    Managing Director
    Manipal Group

  • Mr. Gautham Balasubramanya

    Research Fellow
    , Institute of Productivity

  • Dr. L.V. Muralikrishna Reddy

    President (2014-205)
    The Institution of Engineers (India)

  • Padmashri Prof. R.M. Vasagam

    Chairman, IIPE and Council Member
    The Institution of Engineers (India)

About ITC

Indian Technology Congress offers a unique International Knowledge Exchange platform for India's Business Research and Academic Leaders to collaborate with Policy-Makers and the Government by building an environment that promotes engineering innovation. Creating an atmosphere for brainstorming the latest technology trends and it is adoption for industrial excellence through the proceedings of ITC 2017.

The 5th consecutive annual edition of Indian Technology Congress much coveted & appreciated by one and all - the Industry Leaders, Top Academicians, Defense & Government Establishment, Startups, Investors, Research Groups, MSME as well as Public Sector Organizations. By participation in ITC, organizations and decision makers have significantly enhanced their perspective by comfortable knowledge sharing, getting an in-depth insight into the latest technology trends, its adoption and applying the same for their respective industry solutions.

Government’s initiatives such as ‘Make in India,' ‘Digital India,' ‘Infrastructure Modernization’ & others have been embedded in the program by design in ITC-2017. The emphasis laid on the future of Industrial Engineering Technologies in India and elsewhere. Internet of Things (IoT) with advances in Hardware & Software becoming the prime drivers of fourth industrial revolution - The ‘Industry 4.0’ is here to experience in areal sense at ITC-2017.

At Indian Technology Congress we give delegates the chance to be part of the manufacturing business ecosystem, so you will find our manufacturing offers exciting. As a result, IIPE and the WCPS will launch industry 4 : Productivity and Innovation in Manufacturing at ITC 2017 to focus on improving the 'human-social economic and environment productivities' , projects to take up challenge will be based through the WCPS network partners, each project represents manufacturing sub-sectors and sizes with our supporting softwares, exploring approaches to boost skills and work place social innovative practices.

Sub-Themes of ITC 2017

  • Future of Industrial IoT (IIoT)
  • Challenges & Opportunities of Industry 4.0
  • Manufacturing Simulation (AR, VR, AI)
  • Contemporary Technologies for a Sustainable Future
  • Technologies Adoption for Industrial Sector
  • Innovative Technologies for Industrial Applications

Mr. Gautham Balasubramanya
C0-Convener, PROD Workshop

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