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The world is undergoing a radical metamorphosis with the convergence of the Internet and the Physical worlds and the proliferation of the Internet of Things (IOT) paradigm. Society and nations will be transformed when everything that can be connected, gets connected; resulting in new pathways for us to engage with the world. Services will become more efficient and data driven. In this 'integrated' world of cyber physical systems, human beings and machines will collaborate, with each leveraging their core strengths.

In recent years, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning have transitioned from R&D Labs to mainstream industry, becoming an integral part of fully functional businesses and industry. As a consequence, businesses across the globe are having some segments of their operations being automated, which implies that a lot of data about these processes is being collected (from sensors and internal organization data, amongst others). A combination of AI, Big Data Analytics, and Data Science tools and techniques are becoming integral technology stack for operations of enterprises. These sunrise technologies offers a wide and expansive canvas for transformation across all sectors of today's economy-engineering, manufacturing, supply chain, mobility services and customer experience.

Look around you. Advances in speech recognition, natural language processing; decision and recommendation engines powered by machine learning algorithms have been successful in automating chats with customers, and creating robots that mimic human speech and thought patterns to enhance customer experience and slash costs for organizations. Industry analysts including Gartner predict that by 2020, about 85% of customer interactions will be delivered by machines, without human input.

Digitalization: Future Wave of Innovation

"Digitalization" articulates the integration of contemporary digital technologies into almost all aspects of life. With digitalization, enterprises are envisioning and structuring new markets while decimating conventional markets and sectors, and while doing so, are completely metamorphosing the nature of work and human capital deployment. Digitalization is radically helping in value addition to -- our knowledge, skill and competencies, our business processes, and today's business models.

Today's software robots can take the drudgery away from humans by culling out the repetitive tasks that are rule-based, allowing people to focus on more value-adding activities. The future is the era of "Augmented Intelligence" where machines could leverage huge computing power, Big Data, machine-learning algorithms to forecast possible trends, behaviours and hence structure appropriate responses with reasonably high levels of accuracy.

New Norm for the Future: Building Digital Twins

The seamless blending of the real and virtual worlds ushers in the paradigm of Digital Twins where human and AI minds will collaborate; generate and crunch data that would be processed by AI models. This would require connectivity of devices where data must be contextualized, software algorithms updated or processed in real-time at high speeds and low latency. The only technology that can deliver a universally reliable connection at high speed and low latency is satellite.

Indian Technology Congress-2019 will see the confluence and collaboration of the technologies and workforce of the cyber and physical worlds to create the ecosystem for building a robust ecosystem for "Augmented Intelligence".

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Dr. L V Muralikrishna Reddy

ITC-2018 will catalyse a national conversation on the critical nature of digital and connected technologies, and develop pathways for indigenous inclusion and innovation in the technology sector.

L V Muralikrishna Reddy, Ph.D
President, ITCA

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