Over View - 75 Satellites


ITCA has initiated the ambitious "75 Student Satellites' Mission 2022" in collaboration with National and International tech-space organisations. The mission comprises a consortium of Institutions who would be developing and launching their own student-built satellites by 2022. ITCA is glad to share that currently 32 institutions are part of this consortium and their teams would be progressing to 'deep-dive' technology-capability-business potential assessments with ITCA's mentors and domain experts.

Israel is renowned as the land of disruptive innovators and incredible technology talent referred to as 'best in the world' with numerous success stories including High-School Students built satellites which are orbiting successfully for long periods of time.

The development of the frame work covers launch low-earth orbit (LEO)- potentially for monitoring, assessments and transmissions with the provision for establishment of small satellite low ranges, applications for specific sector with safety and security. Engineer Your Satellite (EYS) programme is a real-time work-based application programme designed and managed by the ITCA Secretariat in partnership with Universities/Institutes/Colleges and Knowledge Based Industry in the space-sector, with the mission to enhance skilled academic education to prepare universities/institutes/colleges for ground reality with effective introduction to their future professions in the space sector.