Today, almost every business is a digital business. Every industry is undoing metamorphosis with their business processes being transformed through the proliferation of digital technologies. Enterprises today need technology and innovation to succeed and remain ahead of competition.

Industry 4.0 technologies including Internet of Things (IoT), Collaborative robots (Cobots), artificial intelligence, sensors, blockchain, amongst other cutting-edge technologies are driving the pace of digitization across enterprises, and integration of process from product design and development, manufacturing, logistics, and service. The integration of all these advances have resulted in the creation of 'intelligent, smart, connected things' that can connect with other systems creating ecosystems that can cause disruption to traditional business models.

We are at the cusp of a new wave of automation where the rapid strides in artificial intelligence are scaling up to effectively address activities that hitherto were assumed to require human judgment and experience. The scorching pace of technological advancement together with multi-fold scaling-up of computing infrastructure and the maturity of cloud technologies are ensuring that the future of work will inextricably be transformed to have men and robots collaborating seamlessly.

All stakeholders including the businesses, customers, regulatory agencies and academia will need to understand the digital paradigm that goes beyond organizational digital effectiveness; extends in to the customer space resulting in becoming more customer-centric; and leverages "tomorrow's oil"- data to overcome growth barriers and remain competitive to survive in the future.

It is essential for organizations to identify key trends, and leverage these to build the brand and remain engaged with audiences. Organizations need business leaders who can think strategically beyond the Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) business environment and harness the digital change to create new value for customers and opportunities for business.

The contemporary business environment makes it imperative for business leaders and CXOs to attend technology promotion events to engage with interdisciplinary domain experts to gain an understanding of contemporary technology developments and assess pathways for deriving sustainable competitive advantage.

Indian Technology Congress-2018 with the theme “Technology First: Making India Innovate, Excel Globally and Prosper” is being organized in Bengaluru during 05-06 September 2018 and features structured sessions that facilitate deep dives into technological and operational issues and discusses strategy-focused topics to help attendees better understand the depth and breadth of contemporary digital technologies.

Wednesday - ThursdaySeptember 05-06 2018
BengaluruNIMHANS Convention Centre
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