Agri-Tech Inclusion

Message From the Chairman


Agriculture has been the backbone of Indian economy, providing food security to the nation, export earnings and livelihoods for millions in the country, with over 52% of the population dependent on agriculture in different forms.

With climate change and vagaries of markets, it has become imminent to enhance input use efficiencies, mechanise the operations from 'seed to market', add value to the produce and make farming both remunerative and attractive. In sum, secondary agriculture and smart agriculture are the need of the hour.

With increasing applications of ICTs & IoTs in different walks of life and the external environment moving towards digital, it is an opportune time for farming to adopt new sciences and also adapt to the changing business ecology.

The forthcoming Workshop & Conference - “AgriTech Inclusion: Bringing Agri-Engineering to Main Stream Platform” by Indian Technology Congress in Bengaluru during August, 2017, with a special emphasis on Smart Farming is an opportunity for the stakeholders in agriculture, engineering and information technology, to interact, interface and innovate for new vistas for adoption of technology as in ICT & IoT in Agriculture.

We hope this new beginning would pave way for a new era in Indian farming for partnerships, profits and prestige of the Indian farming community.

Best regards,
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Prof. S. Ayyappan

NABARD Chair Professor,
NDRI Southern Regional Station,
Adugodi, Bengaluru 560030,
Karnataka, India