About ICT to IoT

What is the conference about?
The two-day technology conference seeks to uncover the hidden opportunities and potential of the Industry 4.0 or automation, in the manufacturing industry. The evolution of IoT or the Internet of Things has boosted several industries and increased production by several manifolds seamlessly and over the past few years, there has been a convergence of various ICT technologies and vertical domains into IoT to explore the opportunities and enhance capabilities.

The scope of IoT is increasing with every passing day, and it is important to understand how we could leverage and add new value with ICT. Gartner reports state that over a trillion devices will be connected to the Internet in 2020, and that would mean a huge transmission of data among these devices, which might reach the order of zettabytes.

The Indian Technology Conference seeks to explore the challenges and opportunities that the convergence of ICT to IoT has to offer, the potential opportunities that this convergence and the rise of connected devices has to offer, Evolving strategies for the Oil and Gas sector through this convergence, the skills needed to succeed in the Industry 4.0, and much more.

Why should you attend the conference?
Apart from offering immense opportunities for learning and development through various insightful sessions, the two-day congress also opens up avenues for sharing ideas and networking with like-minded people. The conference will help thought leaders, students, policy makers, researchers, and other key stakeholders in the industry come together and work towards the future goal of shared development.

The who’s who from the industry would be in attendance at the two-day event, which opens up multiple opportunities of Networking with Technocrats and Subject Matter Experts, Funding Opportunities for Collaborative Research, Product Development, Commercialization, and Go-to-Market strategies, numerous opportunities to encourage interaction between participants and members of the industry, Academia, R&D Establishments, and Government are some of the key reasons to be part of the conference for every attendee.

Yet another reason to be part of the conference is that it promises to offer the right platform right display of ideas and opportunities key and emerging technologies to the vast gamut of the technologies. The well-structured program module will encourage an impressive cross-sectional participation from Industry Leaders, Researchers, Investors, Academicians, Policy Makers, and other Stake Holders.

So, be there to share your knowledge, learn new insights, present ideas, explore new opportunities, get funding, or just for the experience of learning how technology is transforming the world.
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