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Workshop on Exploratory IoT Sensor data Analysis with ApacheSpark, Python and matplotlib

In this workshop, you will learn how to capture, process, store and analyse IoT sensor data in realtime using edge devices like the Raspberry Pi, MQTT, NodeREd, Cloud, ApacheSpark, python and Matplotlib.

With a focus on the topic of Exploratory Data Analysis, the workshop will provide an in-depth look at how to work with the data, and depict it in ways that support visual inspections, and derive to inferences about the data.

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The session conducted by: Mr.Greg Gorman

Mr. Greg
Mr. Greg Gorman, ESEP
Director, IBM Internet of Things Developer Ecosystem and Cognitive Analytics

Greg is the Director of the Developer Ecosystem team in the IoT Business Unit. Greg’s team creates and runs programs targeted directly to developers and large ecosystems around silicon vendors, board manufacturers, universities and software communities. His team runs events like Hackathons, meet-ups and technology workshops. They also develop and manage on-line educational materials, formal university courses, examples, recipes, blogs and general outreach to anyone interested in working with the IBM IoT Platform.

Greg joined IBM through acquisition in 2008, where he served in several positions at Telelogic ranging from field engineer to sales executive to Vice President of Product Management over his 20 year history. Prior to Telelogic, Greg was with McDonnell-Douglas and Honeywell Air Transport, where he led a software and systems team creating crew station displays for fighter aircraft and commercial jetliners. Greg graduated from the University of Missouri and is an AIPMM Certified Product Manager and INCOSE Expert Systems Engineering Professional. In his spare time Greg mentors a FIRST Robotics team in Allen, TX, inspiring young people to become engineers.

We have also Session by: Mr. Romeo Kienzler

Mr. Romeo Kienzler
Chief Data Scientist - IBM Watson IoT
IBM Certified Senior Architect
IBM Academy of Technology