Agri-Tech Inclusion

About Agri-Tech Inclusion

As an agrarian economy, Agri-tech is an industry that is gaining immense importance and significance in the Indian context. With the digitization of the nation, information transmission is no longer as hard as it seemed to be until a few years ago. The Indian Technology Conference, Agri-Tech Inclusion, seeks to explore the opportunities and challenges that IoT has to offer in the agricultural space for the benefit of famers and the agricultural sector as a whole.

Transmitting information in an easy to understand manner to farmers, on key issues like Crop Disease, Soil Texture, Generic plantation Fruit ripening, Insects found, etc., will help develop a sustainable model for farming and enhance agricultural productivity. Technology inclusion by farming communities would also help elevate many crude agricultural practices and substitute it with machine intervention, thereby reducing human efforts.

Why should you attend the conference?

The event has some value addition to each of its participants, for instance, the technology researcher, entrepreneurs, professionals, students, academicians, could present their idea, concept, or technology suggestion to the peers, get inputs of the thought leaders.

The congress would witness huge participation from people that belong to different walks of life and have some contribution to make towards the success of the event. From students with an interest in the subject to academicians researching on the topics, to policy makers and technology investors ready to make an impactful investment, the congress opens up doors of opportunities for all its participants and attendees.

And all the attendees will benefit with the opportunity to gain insights on key developments in the industry through a series of workshops, seminars, presentations, panel discussions, brainstorming sessions, networking opportunities through the cross-sectional participation from Industry Leaders, Researchers, Investors, Academicians, Policy Makers, and other Stake Holders.