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Leveraging “IoT-Ready” situations in Industry is only possible by strengthening ICT Infrastructure including providing base technologies, strengthening data processing and analytics, taking next generation networks, demonetization of data all in under ICT platform. The “IoT-Ready” situation is possible by enhancing ICT Platform with respect to the products, environments, architecture, and business models for its sustainable co-existence alongside IoT.

The planned Sessions under “ICT to IoT” are structured to promote engagement and deliberations by stakeholders to assess the ICT requirements under multiple settings to take up IoT Journey for Future generations and develop execution plans for deployment in partnership with the Government, Academia, and Industry Associations.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is no longer a nebulous futuristic vision. The convergence of Internet-based Information and Communciations Technologies (ICT) has led to the transformation of industries and customer experience with customer-centricity becoming the single-most important metric to gain mindshare and walletshare. The Internet of Things-sensors and actuators connected by information networks to computing systems has the potential to create significant economic value for global citizens with increasing number of use cases extending from personal wellness monitoring to industrial safety.

IoT is a game-changer redefining the way we engage with our environment and surroundings. By integrating the cyber and the physical space, citizens have the ability to monitor tangible infrastructure and assets electronically, and introduce data-driven decision making functionality resulting in improving quality of life while optimising performance of processes and systems. Industry analysts estimate that the IoT has a total economic potential of about USD 12 trillion a year by 2025.

Industries and researchers are gearing up to the new global revolution of integrating ICT and IoT into their value chains leading to the technology paradigm of the future-Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), synonyms to Industry 4.0, identify with the Fourth Industrial Revolution happening currently. This would facilitate the evolution of increasingly efficient and adaptive supply-chain and production processes, and create a plethora of 'always-connected' products.

Engineers, technologists, domain experts, and policy-makers are working in tandem to build robust capability to collect data from physical systems, and analyze these in an effective and time-bound manner to deliver valuable Return on Investment. To achieve this goal, it is essential to build interoperability to enable multiple IoT systems to work cohesively and link the shop floor to the top floor.


  • Shri. S.S. Rathore

    Chair, WFEO-STC-CIC &
    Past President, The Institution of Engineers (India)

  • Mr. Navinchandra B Vasoya

    The Institution of Engineers (India)

  • Mr. Ashok Kumar Basa

    Past President
    The Institution of Engineers (India)

  • Dr. L.V. Muralikrishna Reddy

    Past President
    The Institution of Engineers (India)

  • Mr. H.C.S. Berry

    Past President
    The Institution of Engineers (India)

  • Prof. R.M. Vasagam

    Padma Shri Recipient
    Council Member, The Institution of Engineers (India)

  • Dr. D.N. Reddy

    Council Member
    The Institution of Engineers (India)

About ITC

Indian Technology Congress offers a unique International Knowledge Exchange platform for India's Business Research and Academic Leaders to collaborate with Policy-Makers and the Government by building an environment that promotes engineering innovation. Creating an atmosphere for brainstorming the latest technology trends and it is adoption for industrial excellence through the proceedings of ITC 2017.

The 5th consecutive annual edition of Indian Technology Congress much coveted & appreciated by one and all - the Industry Leaders, Top Academicians, Defense & Government Establishment, Startups, Investors, Research Groups, MSME as well as Public Sector Organizations. By participation in ITC, organizations and decision makers have significantly enhanced their perspective by comfortable knowledge sharing, getting an in-depth insight into the latest technology trends, its adoption and applying the same for their respective industry solutions.

Government’s initiatives such as ‘Make in India,' ‘Digital India,' ‘Infrastructure Modernization’ & others have been embedded in the program by design in ITC-2017. The emphasis laid on the future of Industrial Engineering Technologies in India and elsewhere. Internet of Things (IoT) with advances in Hardware & Software becoming the prime drivers of fourth industrial revolution - The ‘Industry 4.0’ is here to experience in areal sense at ITC-2017.

We are living in an interesting time today, especially in India, where demonetization has opened up multiple challenges and opportunities alongside it. Thinking of it alongside disruptive digital phenomenon, social changes plus Industry 4.0, it is quite human to get overwhelmed by the image of impact it creates & social changes abound. That is where it makes more the reason for leaders to stand and rise above the ordinary to not only savor the opportunities but also lead the fellow-citizens, in their sphere of influence to engineer this interface with the existing world.

Sub-Themes of ITC 2017

  • Future of Industrial IoT (IIoT)
  • Challenges & Opportunities of Industry 4.0
  • Manufacturing Simulation (AR, VR, AI)
  • Contemporary Technologies for a Sustainable Future
  • Technologies Adoption for Industrial Sector
  • Innovative Technologies for Industrial Applications
  • Innovative Technologies for Industrial Applications

World Federation of Engineering Organizations

The WFEO, Standing Technical Committee (STC) on Information & Communication” (WFEO-CIC), presently hosted by The Institutions of Engineers India (India), Indian National Member of WFEO – has set its objectives in the area of technological evolutions, in order to identify suitable technologies for sustainable development, grossly dedicated to push forward “ICT for Development” as its guiding line.

“ICT for Development” has been commonly accepted as an important theme for implementing both the WSSD and WSIS resolutions and an organization named Global Alliance for ICT and Development (GAID) has been set up by the United Nations. The WFEO-CIC holds as a duty to help lead forward the ICT for it to be applied globally, and focuses on developing countries where narrowing the gap has become essential.

WFEO - Standing Technical Committee on Information and Communication

The World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO) is an international, non-governmental organization representing the engineering profession globally. Founded in 1968 by a group of regional engineering organizations, under the auspices of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organizations (UNESCO) in Paris, WFEO brings together 90+ national engineering organizations and represents some 20 million engineers from around the world.

WFEO serves society and is recognized as a reputable and valuable source of advice and guidance on the policies, interests, and concerns that relate to engineering and technology. WFEO is an international platform where issues related to engineering are discussed and addressed and is the solo body representing the engineering profession at World level.

The Institution of Engineers (India)

IEI envisioned as a continuing forum for national and international co-operation engaged in the cause of advancing the multiple fields of engineering and technology and directing its resources to harness nature for the benefit of the Nation. IEI is the largest multidisciplinary professional body that encompasses 15 engineering disciplines and gives engineers a global platform from which to share a professional interest. IEI has a membership strength of over a million and incorporated by Royal Charter in 1935.

Today, its quest for professional excellence has given it a place of pride in almost every prestigious and relevant organization across the globe. It provides a vast array of technical, professional and supporting services to the Government, Industries and Academia operating from 125 Centres located across the country.

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