Agriculture Drones to Precision Farming

Agriculture Drones have been profoundly changing the face of farming and cultivation practices. Agriculture Drones are expected to revolutionize the way we conduct agronomics procedures and maintain natural plant life on earth. The advances in Sensory systems, near-infrared Camera’s and aerial Imagery abilities added to Drone maneuvering capabilities and immensely impacting on Agriculture landscape including upsurge yields and reduce crop damage.

Drones are massively contributed to farming fields agronomy including an inventory of plants, Soil Testing, Smart Irrigation, weed control, Pest control, Grain yield forecasting, Planting of Seeds, Crop Spraying, Crop health assessment, etc.

The envisaged workshop will give insights into the veracity of Drone technologies for the future farming and Precision Agriculture. The workshop also covers how drones assist farmers in maximizing their harvest by perceiving problems early.

Brochure - Agriculture Drones to Precision Farming