Indian Technology Congress 2019

The Future of Food: Emerging AgriTech (Connecting technology and business to create healthier agri-food ecosystem)

  • Farm to food digitalization
  • Food traceability
  • Plants and crops – value addition through better breading and genetics
  • Agri business and supply chain technologies
  • Advances in Agrochemical industry -fertilizers
  • Hydroponics, and urban agriculture
  • Cannabis – new medical breakthroughs to boost Agri economy

ITCA-AAB will be sharing global insights on Best practices and new technologies

The 2017 and 2018 events ware an overwhelming success, over 1000 participants combinedly benefited, over 100 companies and organization developed business opportunities, an atalented group of dynamic and thoughtinvoking speakers lined for year 2019.

ITCA – AAB brings insights innovations from the best in the field. From crops to precision farming to food to digitalization disruptions in the feeding a planet of nine billion people, our prominentspeakers will explore to pics at the heart of technology, entrepreneurialism and agriculture.

AgriTech is growing and evidence at rapid pace -changing farming and AgriTech as we know it.

Apply technology for REAL challenges in food and agriculture