Connected Farming : Indian AgriTech Space

Connected Farming : Indian AgriTech Space

The digital revolution is changing businesses across the world, and no sector including agriculture is immune to the wave of digitization. We are currently amid one of the most transformational periods in the history of agriculture with the evolution in agriculture and agricultural engineering from precision farming to connected, knowledge-based farm production systems.

Sustainable practices; weather forecasting and early warning systems; fragmented land holdings; upskilling the workforce; scalability and markets; post-harvesting; food security and adulteration; supply-chain integration; erroneous irrigation practices; credit and financing are some of the decisive and strategic concerns that will influence future farming.

To address these challenges, technology interventions will play an enormous role in agriculture productivity and improve farmer livelihoods. The impact of technology in the agriculture sector will influence farming revenues as envisioned in the Government of India’s programs including doubling the farming income.

Digital Farming goes beyond the realm of precision farming and encompasses contemporary technological advances including intelligent networks and data management techniques to facilitate the automation of sustainable processes in agriculture. Digital Farming includes the critical component of 'Smart Machines' where agricultural machinery has the capability to generate data via sensors, receive, transmit and process data. It also includes the paradigm of 'Connected Machines' where information and communication technologies facilitate seamless data exchange between machines, with business partners, and among data portals. The emphasis of Digital Farming is on ensuring that targeted and timely information is delivered to farmers based on their needs to ensure that the Indian farming sector becomes more productive and remain competitive in the global environment.

The technological revolution leading to 'Farming 4.0' is propelled by the combination of traditional and emerging technologies in cyber-physical systems including Mobility and Communications; Internet of Things; Big Data and Predictive Analytics; Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning; Virtual and Augmented Reality; Satellite - GPS and GIS; Robots, Drones and Autonomous Vehicles will drive the trajectory of farming and enhanced food productivity.

Digitization and Data-centricity, Intelligent Agriculture Devices, Farming 4.0 technologies is revolutionizing the concept of Connected Farming in the Indian AgriTech space. Those who will benefit are those with the vision, commitment and of course, the necessary knowledge and a comprehensive understanding of the possibilities, leading to the emergence of 'Agripreneurs' in the present and forthcoming tech-savvy generations.

Digital AgriTech Ecosystem – Farming 4.0
  • Sensor Scouting – IOT Farming Platforms –Data and Predictive Analytics
  • Smart Cyber - Physical Systems for precision Agriculture
  • Industry Interventions – Cloud Hosted Advisory Systems
  • Communication Inclusivity: Spectrum, Network and Satellites and remote sensing
  • Real-Time mobile devices for Climate Vulnerability and early warning systems.
Futuristic Farm Mechanisation, Ease-of-Operation Tools
  • Autonomous / Semi-Autonomous Smart Agri-Machinery
  • Technologies and tools AI, ML, AR, VR & AR and blackchain
  • Devices through Robotics & Drones
  • Intra-operative Mechanisms for labour productivity
  • Grass root innovative devices
Trade, Traceability and Inspection of Agriculture Value Chains
  • Policy, Standards and Certifications for trade
  • Agriculture commodities and international markets
  • Adaptive Applications to DBT implementation / Public Financial Management System (PFMS) / Unified Payments Interface (UPI) & Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS) – CBS in Banking- PRAGATHI – Ayshman Bharath (Health Stack) etc.,
  • Apps and digital technologies for markets: Market to Farm and Farm to Market approaches
  • Agri-Business Options – FPOs / VPOs – ROI for Stakeholders across Value Chains
Next-Gen Technology Interventions for Farm productivity
  • Yield improvement strategies and policies: Total Factor Productivity (TFP), Soil Health Cards, Fortification, Sustainable farming(MDGs to SDGs)
  • Protected Cultivation: plasticulture, vertical farming, Hydrophonics, LED farming
  • Integrated Farming Systems and Ancillary Activities (Api, Seri, Livestock, Fishery, etc.,)
  • Crop Modification to increase nutrition, health, taste, and texture
  • Smart Water Systems and automation, Bulk and micro irrigation
AgriTech Interventions in Farming & Food Systems
  • Monetisation of farm produce : Doubling the farming income and primary to secondary agriculture
  • Process Optimisation & Best Practices in Food value chain, Small to big scale industry
  • Emerging Consumption Trends – Functional Foods
  • Health Foods and Nutraceuticals
  • Food quality, safety, security, adulteration and waste reduction
AgriTech Accelerator and future Farming skills
  • Ideation - Innovation - Incubation – Start Ups to Scaling Up
  • Agri Eco System – Ancillaries & Scaling Up, technology partnerships
  • Agripreneurs - Farming as Enterprise: Capacity Building through Skill Development, Youth in farming and Domain Practices
  • Yield labs: Farm simulators and Crop growth modelling
  • CSR interpositions

AgriTech Advisory Board (AAB)

AgriTech Advisory Board (AAB) is the outcome of AgriTech Inclusion - Bengaluru Declaration at Indian Technology Congress 2017 and brings together the unique expertise from the 'agriculture' domain and the 'technology' domain in all its dimensions. The present-day challenges of agriculturists are the opportunities for these expert-resources to evolve appropriate technology interventions and solutions across the existing agricultural value chains. Enhancing Productivity, Efficiency Proficiency and Profitability for every stakeholder across the agricultural value chain is the goal for the AAB. The Board focuses on exploring every dimension of technological innovations to create sustainable enhancements and articulate viable and profitable business opportunities for every single partner and contributor in agriculture ecosystem.